• How to Increase Participation in Meetings

    Keep Them Interested: How to Increase Participation in Team Meetings

    Given a choice, many employees would elect to avoid the typical office meeting whether it is virtual or conducted in person. While these meeting-averse employees appear to listen as colleagues and bosses seek solutions to unresolved company challenges, visions of piles of incomplete paperwork dance in their heads. This does not mean that company issues [...]

  • Leader giving a Great Powerpoint presentation

    9 Tips for a Great Powerpoint Presentation

      PowerPoint presentations represent a paradox. A truly excellent PowerPoint slideshow should not be the memorable aspect of the presentation. Rather, it should make the message memorable. On the other hand, a truly terrible PowerPoint presentation will be remembered, while the intended message is forgotten altogether. The same tools and techniques required to develop strong [...]

  • best time schedule a meeting

    When Is The Best Time To Schedule a Meeting?

      How much thought do you give when you schedule a meeting? Most people look through their calendar to find an open time slot during the week, and send out a meeting request. Whether you’re having a meeting with your team, or with a prospective client, the time and day the meeting is held has [...]

  • Managing Global Virtual Teams

    Global Virtual Team Management Techniques

      Like with most startups and small businesses, at Speek we work with a lot of virtual team members. Virtual jobs are increasing at a rapid pace, and more businesses are hiring virtual workers from outside of their home country. A survey report done by RW3, which included 3,000 business people from countries around the [...]

  • Hiring for a Startup

    Avoid The 4 Most Common Startup Hiring Mistakes

      A big difference between startups and established businesses is the impact of hiring mistakes. In established businesses, there are profit streams and on-going activities that can mask a terrible hire. In a startup, the close, interdependent environment magnifies hiring mistakes. When startups need to hire it is often at a critical time- the business needs to [...]

  • Save Time Concept

    A Quick Guide to Shorter Conference Calls

    The MIT Sloan School of Management estimated that in traditional corporate models employees spend about six hours a week in meetings. A widely cited National Statistics Council estimate backs up, it states that employees spend as much as 37 percent of their time in meetings. That’s a whole lot of time not spent performing essential [...]