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  • Hiring for a Startup

    Avoid The 4 Most Common Startup Hiring Mistakes

      A big difference between startups and established businesses is the impact of hiring mistakes. In established businesses, there are profit streams and on-going activities that can mask a terrible hire. In a startup, the close, interdependent environment magnifies hiring mistakes. When startups need to hire it is often at a critical time- the business needs to […]

  • Working at home

    4 Ways to Onboard Remote Employees Successfully

    Employees need to feel a connection to their work environment, but this can be a challenge for employees who work remotely. It’s notably difficult for a new, remote employee to know that they are a part of the team if a conscious effort is not made in this regard. As managers, we are the ones […]

  • Interview

    5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Remote Employees

    Remote teams can operate like well-oiled machines with each contributor going above and beyond to help your company attain and smash its goals. Unfortunately, they can also fall flat. There are two keys to making them work – strong leadership and exceptional hiring. Therein lies our topic for the day: How can you go about […]

  • Great presentation by Danny Boice

    The 3 Pillars of a Successful Presentation

      You have a meeting set with the executives of a potential business client. You have one shot to win them over and close one of the biggest contracts for your company. What’s your plan to blow their minds? Most presentations that we hear today focus more on the explaining the data, and not on […]

  • Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

    How to Dodge a Lawsuit When Hiring For Your Startup – Part 2

      In last week’s article, I talked about “protected classes” as they relate to conducting job interviews. We reviewed a number of these classes, discussing specific interview questions that are safe while giving you instructions on areas to avoid. Today, we will continue down that path, covering the protected classes we did not review in […]