Growth Strategies

  • schoolofdata

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    If you’ve been following us for a little while (in which case, hey, thanks!) you know that in addition to our top priority of making conference calls awesome, we are committed to doing so in as data-driven a way as possible. This is where I come in. From the first days of the company, John […]

  • Optimizely_blue_logo

    How We Increased Registration Rates 12.5% with Optimizely

    Last year, I wrote a piece about design and user experience (UX), and I’ve also written a lot about the importance of being a data-driven company, i.e. making decisions based on real, rigorously gathered and analyzed, information. Our use of A/B testing at Speek is a great example of this philosophy in practice, and I […]

  • fundraising

    What Everybody Ought to Know about Fundraising

    As important as it is, fundraising is something that a lot of small and medium business owners—and even startup founders—don’t have much experience with. Speek is here to help. We’ve gone through a couple of successful fundraising rounds. We’ve braved the rapids of the seed round and dodged the dangers of the dreaded “Series A […]

  • Save Big for Small and Medium Businesses

    5 Ways to Save Big for Small and Medium Businesses

    It’s tough out there right now for small and medium businesses: this doesn’t come as news to anybody, least of all to owners of small and medium businesses. I should know because Speek is one. Saving money without skimping on quality is a huge priority. Of course, trimming the fat off of a business is […]

  • Typing

    How to Be a Guest Writer: “Voice” Lessons

    As co-founder of Speek, where we are disrupting conference calls for good, I do a ton of guest writing. For example—a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a guest article at Tech Cocktail on—fittingly—how to be a guest writer. As I mentioned in the article, I do quite a bit of writing for tech-centric trades […]

  • PR

    How To: PR for Startups and Small Businesses

    One of the most pressing questions for any startup or small business is how to best execute PR. For obvious reasons, handling PR well and getting our names out there are huge priorities for startups and small businesses. Often, however, our own business backgrounds as founders don’t include much PR training or experience. To that end, […]

  • WebRTC

    WebRTC Today! 5 Awesome Early Adopters of WebRTC

    I’ve written elsewhere about what WebRTC is (short version: it is mindblowingly awesome) and why you should care (because it is mindblowingly awesome), so today I wanted to highlight some of the coolest places around the web to see WebRTC in action. First, a slightly less short version: WebRTC is a developing, open source project […]

  • Telephone Poles

    Traffic Pumping II: The Mother of All Shadiness

    When last we met, we looked at where traffic pumping came from and how it works. This week, we’re following up with exactly who benefits from traffic pumping, and who pays the price. So: who wins? Shady businesses, that’s who. Specifically, businesses with high-volume incoming calls, like phone sex operators, psychic hotlines, and some “free” […]