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    Speek is Partnering With Grasshopper and Giving Users a Discount

    Turn the World Into Your Office Speek is proud to announce our newest partnership with Grasshopper, the entrepreneur’s phone system that lets you run your business from your mobile phone. Much like Speek, Grasshopper is on a mission to make business communication easier. Grasshopper allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to get toll free or local […]

  • social wedding speek

    A History of SocialWeddingSpeek

    4500 B.C.E. The Balkan Peninsula. A shadowy figure, whose name is lost in the sands of time, is the first to mix copper and tin to make bronze, an almost magical alloy that allowed humankind once and for all to leave the Stone Age behind, in the process lending its own name to a new […]

  • whats next

    Post Series A: What Next?

    As you may have already heard if you’re reading this, Speek recently finished our Series A round. It was exciting and a lot of hard work. Today, instead of giving a recap of the last few months, however, I’d like to focus on a question that’s been on my mind quite a bit lately: what’s […]

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    Speek Offers Conference Calling Deal to WeWork’s Small Businesses Members

    Speek is delighted to announce that it is offering a special discount to members of the premier co-working space, WeWork. Speek will offer discounted access to its simplified enterprise conference calling service, Speek for Teams, through WeWork’s membership portal. With Speek for Teams, SMB’s can host unlimited conference calls without using dial-ins and PINs, share […]

  • MobileAssistant

    Speek and MobileAssistant Help Financial Community Increase Productivity

    Speek has teamed up with mobile dictation company MobileAssistant to offer the financial services community even more ways to increase productivity. With Speek for Teams, Speek’s B2B platform, busy financial advisors can share files with their clients, record important client calls, keep track of client calls, and more. “Speek is delighted to be partnering with […]

  • Speek Call Reservoir Dogs

    App-ocalypse Now: 5 Great Movies Ruined by Smartphones

    Happy New Year! One of the great things about living in the future (which we all totally do now) is all of the amazing technology that lets us do impossible things that we completely take for granted. One small downside: the same technology that keeps us all uberconnected makes it a lot harder to make […]

  • Speek BlackBerry App

    Speek Debuts New BlackBerry 10 App for Conference Calls

    With Speek, conference calls are getting better all the time. We are happy to announce that the Speek app for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones is live and available as a free download on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront. Now BlackBerry 10 customers can make free one-click conference calls; see who’s joined the call and who’s talking; mute, […]

  • Conference Calls Are Now Even Better with Speek

    Conference Calls Are Now Even Better with Speek

    Sign up for Speek to experience the enhanced in-call design and new conference call features: A simple and elegant new look Upgraded architecture for reliable and clear calls Support for Internet Explorer 9 (in addition to Chrome, Firefox and Safari) Plus everything you already love about Speek: “One-click” to start or join a call See […]

  • Zirtual Co-Founders

    Speek Offers Its Conference Call Platform to Zirtual Clientele

    Speek is partnering with Zirtual, provider of virtual personal assistants, to offer super simple conference calls to Zirtual’s busy clients, who don’t have time to fumble with dial-in numbers and pins and love the ease that Speek offers with one-click calling. “Speek is a longtime, delighted client of Zirtual, and, as services that increase productivity, […]

  • Vithya Tith, Speek

    Vithya Tith Talks Tech, Taking Things Apart and Trail Riding

    You have Vithya Tith to thank if you use a Speek app on your mobile phone. Born in Cambodia and lover of all things Cambodian (food, music, beaches), Vithya is a dedicated meat eater (favorite food=anything that used to be alive), an enthusiastic mountain biker and a former shoe salesman (at one point, he feared […]

  • Conference Call with Edward Norton

    Win a Speek Conference Call with Edward Norton

    Are you fan of Fight Club or American History X? Maybe you’ve always wanted to pick the brain of a two-time Oscar nominee? Whatever the reason, now’s your chance! Speek will host a conference call bringing together the award-winning actor, scriptwriter, director, entrepreneur and philanthropist Edward Norton with 10 lucky Speek users. How do you […]