• Hiring top talent

    How To Write a Job Description To Attract the Perfect Candidate

    There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to writing a job description, but today we are going to focus on job descriptions specifically from the perspective of attracting the right candidates. Start by understanding that your job description is a marketing tool, used to introduce your company and the position to […]

  • Hiring for a Startup

    Avoid The 4 Most Common Startup Hiring Mistakes

      A big difference between startups and established businesses is the impact of hiring mistakes. In established businesses, there are profit streams and on-going activities that can mask a terrible hire. In a startup, the close, interdependent environment magnifies hiring mistakes. When startups need to hire it is often at a critical time- the business needs to […]

  • Working at home

    4 Ways to Onboard Remote Employees Successfully

    Employees need to feel a connection to their work environment, but this can be a challenge for employees who work remotely. It’s notably difficult for a new, remote employee to know that they are a part of the team if a conscious effort is not made in this regard. As managers, we are the ones […]

  • onboarding new employees

    The Biggest Mistake Managers Make Right After Hiring

    It takes time, money and a whole lot of effort to find a great match for an open position. This is especially so when talent and skill requirements are stiff and a cultural fit is a must, as well. Despite the effort that goes into finding great candidates, many managers drop the ball once that […]

  • Interview

    5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Remote Employees

    Remote teams can operate like well-oiled machines with each contributor going above and beyond to help your company attain and smash its goals. Unfortunately, they can also fall flat. There are two keys to making them work – strong leadership and exceptional hiring. Therein lies our topic for the day: How can you go about […]

  • Remote worker working from home at home office desk

    5 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring Remote Employees

      Any hiring manager knows it is important to determine the skills and characteristics necessary to be successful when they decide to hire someone for a new position. But those of you who hire remote employees need to also think about what additional characteristics are desired in a remote worker, as there is a big […]

  • Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

    How to Dodge a Lawsuit When Hiring For Your Startup – Part 2

      In last week’s article, I talked about “protected classes” as they relate to conducting job interviews. We reviewed a number of these classes, discussing specific interview questions that are safe while giving you instructions on areas to avoid. Today, we will continue down that path, covering the protected classes we did not review in […]

  • Illegal Interview Questions to Avoid

    How to Dodge a Lawsuit When Hiring For Your Startup – Part 1

      There are many considerations when hiring a new employee, and legal strategies should be at the top of that list. Your prep work needs to begin the moment the decision is made to hire someone by preparing a list of interview questions. Using such a questionnaire will help you maintain focus and also keep […]

  • 10 Hiring Tips for Small Business

    Hiring Tips for Small Business

    You’re hiring. But not everyone is a good fit for working in a small business environment, which is why hiring the right candidate for the position can be difficult and expensive. You will avoid many problems down the road by doing your due diligence up front. Hiring is not simply placing an ad, scheduling an […]

  • The Career Happiness Sweet Spot

    The Career Happiness Sweet Spot

    In a recent piece for Wired, Temple Grandin debunks the 10,000 hour myth, or the notion that anyone can become an expert at anything after 10,000 hours of work. She comes down clearly on the side of nature, first, and then nurture as the formula for success. In other words, you have to start with […]

  • Intern at a Startup

    Intern at a Startup: Get Experience not Coffee

    In my experience, interns are typically expected to keep their thoughts to themselves, but today I’m going to “speek” out about my experience interning for a startup. Like most kids my age, I don’t know what I want to do for the rest of my life, but working for Speek has allowed me to have […]