Team Management

  • accountability in remote teams

    Maintaining Accountability in a Virtual Workplace

    While not every CEO has bought into the idea of a remote workforce (witness the famous – or infamous — policy switch enacted by Marissa Mayer at Yahoo), the virtual environment in which staff works from home, regional offices, client sites and on the road has grown in both size and popularity. Many executives now […]

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    Developing Company Culture in a Virtual Environment

    About a year ago, Speek’s team worked out of an office just outside of Washington DC. Since then, our team has grown tremendously and is spread out across four time zones. Throughout this transition, I was concerned with how to develop and nurture the company’s culture. Our mission at Speek is to save people from […]

  • Managing Global Virtual Teams

    Global Virtual Team Management Techniques

      Like with most startups and small businesses, at Speek we work with a lot of virtual team members. Virtual jobs are increasing at a rapid pace, and more businesses are hiring virtual workers from outside of their home country. A survey report done by RW3, which included 3,000 business people from countries around the […]

  • Communication

    Solving the No. 1 Problem of Remote Teams

      One of the biggest issues most remote work environments face is effective communication. With virtual teams, we sacrifice the ability to walk to a team member’s desk and have a quick talk about the project at hand. It’s common to have a level of communication lag time, where we have to wait a few […]

  • working from home

    6 Tips for Motivating Employees in a Remote Environment

    One of the many responsibilities of managers is ensuring their departments are adequately staffed. You must manage and motivate employees in ways that help employees meet deadlines and productivity levels. Technology and globalization may have expanded your role to include a partial or complete department that works remotely. Some employees work from home or in […]

  • increasing productivity by outsourcing

    Outsource Your Life and Get More Done

    Paula Rizzo will be hosting a virtual live chat and Q&A on how to Outsource Your Life and Get More Done on Speek. Join us! When: Wednesday, September 10 at 8:00 PM Eastern Where: If you have an endless to-do list sitting in front of you — listen up. You do not have to do all […]

  • Remote Team Management Online

    5 Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

      Out-of-sight should not equate to out-of-mind when it comes to leading a successful staff. After all, your employees represent your company – even if they are in a different state or continent. If you want to face a leadership challenge, having the responsibility of managing remote employees will certainly put your skills to the […]

  • Virtual Team Building Activitie

    4 Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams

      Virtual teams have become a workplace necessity for many small businesses that need to do more with less. Not only is this a good way to cut back on overhead expenses, but it is also a way to capitalize on advances in technology. Where technology promises to help you reach goals and objectives, it […]

  • Team Building Ideas

    4 Simple Team Building Ideas for Small Business

    Team productivity often relies on two things, team cohesiveness and employee happiness. And as a manager, you have no choice but to make these a priority. It’s easy to get lost in all the work of reaching deadlines, acquiring new customers, or keeping clients happy while forgetting about the important part of the business, your […]

  • How to Motivate Employees

    5 Simple Ways to Motivate Employees

    Team productivity relies heavily on the manager’s ability to increase motivation in team members, which is why understanding what motivates employees important. And while employees certainly value their compensation packages, money is not the key motivating factor that provides day to day satisfaction and employee engagement. The majority of employee motivation is brought on by […]